Testimonials from Real WEN® Users

Since WEN® first launched 16 years ago, we've gained a worldwide community of fans eager to share their results and newfound love for their hair after using WEN® Hair Care.

It's hard to pick a favorite, so we decided to feature several hair transformations of WEN® customers showcasing different hair types and textures: from hair that was once dry, frizzy, dull and damaged, to hair that now moves, feels and looks the way it should.

Before discovering WEN®, Nyota struggled with dry, frizzy, unruly hair in the Miami humidity. She tried to manage it using four or five different hair care products from different brands, but it was a lot of work for hair that would not cooperate.

Here's what Nyota said about her first time using WEN®:
"It was an amazing experience. ...there was the cleansing product [Cleansing Conditioner], and it gave me like this tingling sensation all over my scalp, and it smells really good. ...like it's getting rid of all that greasy, leave-in conditioner I had in it, but it's not drying it out like shampoo would."

Customer after using WEN Hair Care®
What Nyota thought of her hair after using WEN® for the first time:
"It's bouncy. It's wonderful. My ends look—everything looks shiny and moisturized, but it's not heavy. ...my hair's bouncy, and free-flowing and detangled."

WEN® has helped Nyota feel beautiful inside and out. "I feel like I'm glowing…and it's all the hair. ... With this stuff [WEN®], it's just like natural, soft hair, light and feathery…and I love it. I love my curls."


Like many women who struggle with dry, frizzy hair, every day can feel like a battle when it comes to styling and taming tresses. Before WEN®, Vivienne felt like her hair had a mind of its own.

Here's what she said about her hair after she used WEN® for the first time:
"My curls are more defined. … And I love the fact that there's nothing sticky about it. It's free. It's vibrant. It's smooth. It feels so healthy. … I literally could not believe it just with one application. I love it."

For Vivienne, finally achieving the hair she's always dreamed of has even changed her attitude. "I feel as though I have more life, too, because my hair has more life."

Customer Vivienne before using WEN Hair Care®
Customer Vivienne after using WEN Hair Care®
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Dull hair can be a real damper. It's something Tala is all too familiar with as she once struggled with lackluster, frizzy, tattered hair. That all changed after she discovered WEN®.

Tala's reaction to her hair the first time she used WEN®:
"It feels like I'm wearing a wig honestly. …doesn't even feel like my own hair. It's so light, and bouncy, and full of life, and shiny. ... And now it's like I'm about to go on the red carpet or something."

Customer Tala before using WEN Hair Care®
Customer Tala after using WEN Hair Care®
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"It's like a whole new world I've opened my eyes to. It's made my hair more lively. It's made it softer. It's made it more manageable. It's just made it perfect."
- Why Tala will never go back to using shampoo after using WEN®

Before WEN®, Katie's hair concerns ranged from bad split ends to dry, brittle hair. As an actor, her hair goes through a lot of heat styling abuse.

Here's what Katie thought about her hair after using WEN® for the first time:
"It feels like spun silk. ...my hair feels smooth and soft and healthy. ... It feels like I just got it cut, too, and I didn't. ... My color looks a lot brighter. ...it looks natural ... nourished."

Customer Katie before using WEN Hair Care®
Customer Katie after using WEN Hair Care®
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After years of having moisture-starved, damaged hair, after using WEN®, Katie finally knows "what healthy looks like." "I feel gorgeous," she said.

While we love seeing the hair transformations of WEN® customers, hearing just how much WEN® has helped improve their confidence and attitude is even more meaningful. It's just what Chaz Dean set out to do when he created WEN®: to help women everywhere look and feel beautiful.