WEN® for Men: Simplify Your Hair Care Routine
Although men's grooming has evolved with increasingly more products available for your hair, skin and shaving needs, you still prefer to keep things simple. One and done.

Well, WEN® Cleansing Conditioner comes pretty close to that.

The 5-in-1 formula simplifies your hair care routine, taking the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner (if you even have time for that) and hair-tamers like a detangler and leave-in conditioner. The latter probably aren't high up on your list of essentials, but you still care about the benefits those products are designed to offer:

  • Hair that cooperates
  • Stronger hair for less breakage
  • Smooth hair that you can run your fingers through with ease

WEN Hair Care® for men model

What Makes WEN® Different

If you haven't seen any of the late-night WEN® infomercials, then this whole no-lather business might be news to you. Here's the deal: the harsh sulfates that create lather can strip your hair of natural oils, much-needed moisture and strength. The damage that lather can cause can make your hair harder to manage, which means more time and money spent on styling products to make your hair look the way you want it to.

WEN® changed the hair care game by cleansing your hair without lather. It has none of the harsh sulfates like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that may be found in many ordinary shampoos, so you don't have to worry about what you're putting in your hair.

Instead, WEN® Cleansing Conditioner contains a perfect blend of ingredients, including botanicals, herbs and extracts—making your hair softer and fuller after just one use.

What Men Are Saying About WEN®

While women have been raving about WEN® for some time now, we also hear from men who want to share their results after using WEN® for the first time. Here are just a few of them:

"It's unlike anything I've ever tried. ...I've tried every shampoo and conditioner under the sun, and this was simple. ... Before using WEN®…my hair wanted to go laterally…sideways. And now…it falls naturally. ...my hands aren't getting caught in my coarse hair. ... After using this product, I'm not going back to shampoo."

Customer Brent before using WEN Hair Care®
Customer Brent after using WEN Hair Care®
results will vary

"The difference is night and day. …before my hair was just like very floppy and all over the place. It was really, really frizzy. And now my curls are just so defined and there's a lot more shape. …with WEN®, I don't think I will ever have a bad hair day again. It's so simple and it makes everything look great."

Customer Cory before using WEN Hair Care®
Customer Cory after using WEN Hair Care®
results will vary

Mark Anthony
"My hair was…frizzy, weighed down…now it's…bouncy and soft and fluffy. …not only does it feel better…it looks better. … I will never go back to shampoo ever again."

Customer Mark Anthony before using WEN Hair Care®
Customer Mark Anthony after using WEN Hair Care®
results will vary

If you care about your hair, WEN® Cleansing Conditioner is a low-maintenance way to get stronger hair and styling ease.